I know the solstice has many different meanings for different people. But here is one thing for certain: We, as humans, live in an interdependent environment. Every thing from animals, to plant, to other people, to the seasons and other cycles of the Earth, all … Continue reading#SummerSolstice


I got started on the subject of wisdom and what it means to be wise while talking with a new good friend. This discussion started out on how many people have commented to me before that I have a wise outlook on things. Personally, I’ve … Continue readingWisdom

Gang Soda

So, most people who identify as fans of Insane Clown Posse also self-identify as juggalos. Of course, currently, the FBI identifies all juggalos as a gang. (For me, it’s a morbid curiosity. I’m also a fan of some of the comedy they strike up in … Continue readingGang Soda


So the hashtag #RIPJournalism has been trending on the interwebs in the past few days. There are two sides to this story. Side 1: This hashtag should have been trending years ago before Facebook and Twitter were even a thing. This hashtag should have been … Continue reading#RIPJournalism