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AAM – Day 16 (Work/School)

Last time I went through being in school, the entire graduate program was 70% working in a group that you stayed with the entire program. That helped so much. They are the reason I finished, […]

AAM – Day 15 (Everyone should know…)

The Queen of Soul got this one right. What should everyone know? R-E-S-P-E-C-T! As an autistic person, I just want to have the same respect shown as anyone else. I just want to be included […]

AAM – Day 14 (Routine)

What a post to be catching up on from the weekend… ROUTINE! Everyone has routines. Everyone’s routines get disturbed. To an autistic person, there is more stress in the unknown than for others, so a […]

AAM – Day 12 (Favorite Autism Charity)

I don’t have one specific favorite autism charity because I don’t have any exposure with any of them. I’m not aware of most of ones that exist. That being said, the easiest answer to this […]

AAM – Day 11 (Stims)

Stimming! From the outside looking in, we’re just being told that we can’t sit still. The fact is that these self-stimulating behaviors are wonderful stress relievers. These can be accomplished with stim toys, such as […]

AAM – Day 10 (Sensory Life)

Before being identified as autistic, I had never thought about sensory overload. So this has been a journey to try and understand my involuntary reactions. I’ve got an issue where I have trouble having people […]

AAM – Day 9 (Favorite Autistic-owned Business)

I’ll be honest and say I’m not personally aware of any autistic-owned businesses. But there are two fathers out there that are trying to make the world better for their autistic children, and are helping […]

AAM – Day 8 (Favorite Autistic Blog)

My favorite autistic blog… you mean besides myself? LOL Probably the one blog I return to every time is that of the Neurodivergent Rebel. She’s really the first person I came across in the #ActuallyAutistic […]

AAM – Day 7 (The Autistic Community)

(Here I am playing catch-up again. But at least it was because I don’t get online much on the weekends.) Talking about the autistic community is an interesting conundrum. No matter the subject matter, the […]