My Co-Spirit Animal

I have already written about that Robin Williams is my spirit animal. Absolutely true. Here’s someone who is my co-spirit animal.

Anthony Bourdain.

I remember hearing when he got hired by CNN to do his show there, instead of on the Travel Channel. I had only in the past year started watching No Reservations whenever I could find episodes. I loved his authentic presentation and story telling.

It was hard to not enjoy his sarcastic wit, so I gave in.

He genuinely wanted to know more about the people he spent time with. As evidenced during some of the behind the scenes looks from the last season of Parts Unknown, he was that way with the crew as much as he was with those he spoke with on camera.

He just seemed to be a kind but tortured soul, who didn’t know how to be anyone but himself.

I relate.

I raise my glass in his memory today!

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