I got started on the subject of wisdom and what it means to be wise while talking with a new good friend. This discussion started out on how many people have commented to me before that I have a wise outlook on things. Personally, I’ve never thought anything I’ve had to say is wise.

But, as conversations like that do with me, I got to thinking about what constitutes having wisdom. In Eastern cultures, older people are thought to be the wise ones. The extent of their experiences on this Earth have granted them the wisdom. In Western cultures, the superstars are thought to be wise. However, superstars are in the state of stardom in a narrow field. Plainly speaking, we have more wise people with less overall wisdom.

I like to think that people who are wise are those that have accepted there is more than one way. The actual beliefs that the person holds do not constrain their views. It’s not “this is the only way that works”. Instead it is “this one way works for me, but there are many ways”.

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