AAM – Day 30 (Acceptance means…)

There is so much movement in the diversity and inclusion front these days. Some of it is token and not worth the paper the press release came on. Others are making concerted efforts to take D&I seriously. The only thing I would do different is make sure D&I ropes in EVERYONE. Gender, ethnicity, disability, neuro-type…

Autism acceptance means actually going out of your way to allow an autistic person to thrive in the same manner as anyone else. Let them use tech in a meeting that can assist them to focus. Give them the ability to be somewhere that light and sound can be adjusted. Allow wearing of earphones or earplugs, as well as sunglasses. Be more flexible with the temperature in the office. Allow work from home when possible.

Not just in the work setting, but in public in general. Lights are often so bright that autistic people need shades. It’s the rock star effect. Restaurant music is turned up too loud.

There are so many things. Basically, put yourself in the shoes of the other person, then ask what you would want done for you.

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