AAM – Day 28 (Dealing with meltdowns)

I will be perfectly honest. I don’t think I handle meltdowns in a solid manner. Granted, it is a meltdown. Who does?

The key is to know you’re about to cross that threshold, and then stop the direction you’re going in once you realize that. I, on the other hand, don’t see it coming until it’s most of the way to me. Then I try to muscle through it. Pain is just weakness leaving the body, right?

No. Not unless you are talking about a physical workout in the gym.

I tend to shutdown instead of meltdown because most of my over-stimulation happens in the form of cognitive congestion.

Unfortunately, no one who truly gives a damn about me has been around me when I start to have a meltdown. Otherwise, they’d do what I do for my kid. Provide comfort and calmness.

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