AAM – Day 26 (Favorite Autism Book)

The Asperkid’s (Secret) Book of Social Rules: The Handbook of Not-So-Obvious Social Guidelines for Tweens and Teens with Asperger Syndrome

I am a big fan of plain language that is geared towards the audience. The more simple and straight forward, the better. This book is one that I believe accomplishes that for autistic kids. Obviously this book was written prior to the phasing out of Asperger’s Syndrome from the DSM, but it doesn’t make it any less relevant. This book is written towards teens and tweens trying to navigate an already difficult part of life. It has some good stories in there, and the author is very straight forward with her life, analyzing things that happened before her diagnosis as an adult to put them in perspective. While great for kids, this book is just a fun read all together.


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    a queer trans autistic

    I actually disliked the tone of the book a lot. I felt like it was often condescending. Additionally, the book does a lot of reinforcement of gender norms and expects the reader to be straight. I’m completely okay with a book telling me that it’s common for girls to shave their legs and armpits, and that girls who don’t are considered odd. I’m not okay with books that present leg and armpit shaving as necessary. Deviance from social norms is a social skill. And we shouldn’t be implicitly teaching autistic teens that women who choose not to shave are making a social skills mistake.

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      The Thinker

      I do understand your issue with it. But something to keep in mind is that the mother that wrote this doesn’t appear to be coming from a place of harm. She appears to want kids to understand what’s going on in life. She seems to want kids to know that their experiences don’t have to be as hard as hers were before she received her diagnosis. Every autistic person’s story is different, and she’s just trying to impart her two cents.

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