AAM – Day 24 (Political Issue)

Probably the biggest political issue in the autistic world is that of equal rights and accessibility. What makes this tough is that the social disability that comes along with being autistic is also an invisible disability. Double whammy!!!

In the United States, we have laws allowing us equal rights and equal access. (I don’t know how many other countries have laws that mirror the Americans With Disabilities Act.) Let’s say you are a paraplegic and trying to get a job. There should be handicap parking, a wheelchair ramp, wide doors, and an elevator if there are multiple floors. That’s simple enough to prove discrimination if not hired. A company can also be fined for not being ADA compliant in these physical modifications.

Let’s say you get hired, and you have repeated run-ins with a co-worker. Your boss comes to talk to you about it, and you inform your boss you believe there is misunderstandings that are rooted in the fact you are autistic. Management can run away from this. Then, the moment that have the littlest thing to use in firing you, you’re gone. It’s documentation on there part, albeit flimsy. They can squirm out of under any responsibilities under the ADA. If you don’t have counter-documentation to prove your case, you’re screwed.

Lawmakers need to beef up the ADA. Autism is not the only invisible disability out there. People with invisible disabilities get screwed around every day.

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