AAM – Day 21 (One thing other people don’t understand)

I am not attacking anyone.

You’ll know it when I attack you.

I make my intentions clear.

It is you who muddle the meaning.

Do you think I really have the spoons to pick a fight?

I avoid the fight.

I don’t like the chaos.

I don’t like the stress.

I do not mince my words. I do not know how.

If I am able to pick a different way to state something, it’s after great difficulty, and my body language gives you the original meaning.

They say introverts don’t like small talk.

The phrase “small talk” doesn’t exist in my vocabulary.

I’m always straight to the point.

I may not be speaking popular opinion.

I do speak my mind.

I support others doing the same thing.

There is a craving for others to speak their mind.

Energy resources are depleted when you don’t speak your mind to me.

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