AAM – Day 19 (I hate it when…)

I hate it when people “listen” to me but don’t actually listen to me.

While growing up, it would be a common occurrence in my house to be in a “discussion” of sorts with my parents because we didn’t see eye-to-eye on something I did or wanted to do. During calm times, I was told that if I rationally brought up counter-point that they would listen to me. However, every time I brought up counter-point, they said I wasn’t listening to them. They said I didn’t listen to and acknowledge what they said. I went back and explained to them where I acknowledged what they had to say, then proceeded to provide my counter-point again. This was a vicious circle that I would finally give up on every time because the goal was not discussion, it was compliance. It was being a robot. Funny thing, my sister always got a word in edgewise when she was on the hot seat.

I hate it when people assume, don’t actually talk to me, and intentionally obscure facts.

During my last job, apparently everyone felt like I was stepping on their toes. But no one bothered to tell me they felt slighted. They went to my boss instead, and he came and gave me vague facts and statements about things I needed to improve on, with instructions to NOT go around asking about what he told me. That was shady. There was even a situation with time zones and what time my peers and I would eat lunch when we were on a work trip. Our boss was in the vehicle and did not shut down the big-to-do that came out of me trying to find out why they were aiming for lunch at 10:30am. Everyone in the vehicle just assumed that’s when we were eating lunch, and the hot head in the vehicle picked a fight with me over it.

I can go on with story after story. But I guess the easiest thing to say is that I hate it when people are of closed mind.

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