AAM – Day 11 (Stims)


From the outside looking in, we’re just being told that we can’t sit still. The fact is that these self-stimulating behaviors are wonderful stress relievers. These can be accomplished with stim toys, such as they ubiquitous fidget spinner. However, stimming is any movement that provides the necessary result for you.

For me, I have two categories. The first one is if I’m anxious, on edge, etc. This is brought under control with mouth stims. I have to be careful to not always grab food in this case. So I often have chewing gum. I also use mint toothpicks, as well as a tea tree blend lip balm. These are all things that distract me.

If someone is speaking and I have to stay focused to listen, I need to do something with my hands. That’s where fidget toys help.

I have a few other stims as well that I’m not sure why I do them, but they do exist.

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