The Silence Is Deafening

For a human being, the sound of silence is golden. It is a peaceful retreat that one does not get to experience often. Silence is a life goal.

For me, silence is a harsh prison sentence. The sound of silence is deafening to me. We’re not just talking about aural silence. We’re talking visual, tactile, emotional, and cognitive silence. My mind is picking apart things constantly. I cannot make it stop. I can tame it, but it takes constant attention to tame. Miss a dose, and it causes a vortex that is hard to pull out of. What’s horrible is when you start pulling apart things that are at the core of your being. You have nothing else to analyze. You have nothing else to figure out. But you can’t stop there. The silence is an enemy in this case.

What do you do when you unknowingly and unwittingly challenge the bedrock of what you’ve always stood on in life?

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