Gang Soda

So, most people who identify as fans of Insane Clown Posse also self-identify as juggalos. Of course, currently, the FBI identifies all juggalos as a gang. (For me, it’s a morbid curiosity. I’m also a fan of some of the comedy they strike up in their lyrics.) Juggalos, because they follow their ICP-masters, love Faygo. Faygo is the stuff of legends in ICP lyrics. And unless your from the great state of Michigan, there exists some level of possibility you’ve never heard of Faygo.

I’ve known Faygo from the lyrics. I always thought it was a soda.

This morning, in my town I live in ways away from Michigan, I found out it is more than just a soda. It’s a whole brand. They have many different flavors, including a very delicious root beer, and a ginger ale that lives up to its billing of “Extra Dry”.

They also have funny nutrition labels. For a 24 ounce bottle, it only gives the nutritional value for 8 OUNCES!

Taste so good. But it’s really bad for you. All at $1/bottle!

Death comes cheaply, but to live cost an arm and a leg.

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