Autism Awareness, Acceptance

Some thoughts, as Autism Awareness Month comes to a close next weekend. Now, more than ever, we know and understand more about Autism. Those on the Autism Spectrum are referred to as having a “Disorder” for one reason in particular. That is because they do not operate like a majority of the world. However, science has shown not a “dis-“order, but just a different order. That is why those with Autism are sometimes referred to as neuro-diverse. Many gifted individuals that have contributed much to our society may have been neuro-diverse.

I don’t wish to push science. I just wish to push that, as a neuro-diverse individual standing with others, that we are human, too. We all have our stories. We all have our good times and our bad times. We all have emotions, but they just process a little different.

Be aware. If you have the ability to step outside your comfort zone, take the time to do so when meeting someone who is neuro-diverse. Just as it would take me a long time to understand how to speak Mandarin, it might take you a long time to understand why I react certain ways. But there is a rich reasoning behind it all. Mine is not the same as anyone else. We all require time, understanding, patience, awareness, and acceptance.

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