In Which Robin Williams Is My Spirit Animal…

So the other day when I was chest deep in a manic episode I had never experienced before, I had been watching “Good Morning Vietnam.” I was never really allowed to see the movie as a kid. Now I understand why my parents chose to … Continue readingIn Which Robin Williams Is My Spirit Animal…

I think about starting over…

I think about starting over… So, I have been writing out in the open. I feel like I need to be open with what I have to say, because it is important for others to learn and understand what goes on in the mind of … Continue readingI think about starting over…

Human Rights versus Legal Traditions

Which one is right? The rights of people as human beings, or the traditions of an old and parochial institution? The current battle in this standoff is in the Spanish autonomous region of Catalonia. And we could see the situation blow to bits before the … Continue readingHuman Rights versus Legal Traditions

Unfinished Writings…Will This Be Any Different?

The Boss says I never stick with anything. It happens at times, but it’s never because I’m flaky. It could be because I’m flighty. It could be because I’m discouraged. I could be depressed, overloaded, or even melting down. Currently I have three blog posts … Continue readingUnfinished Writings…Will This Be Any Different?


I was raised in a religious family. So, often, the situations God places us in for our own good, the good of others, or to teach us something was (and is) a subject brought up in conversation. I had my mother bring this up to … Continue readingPatience

People Of Walmart: The Entry Doors

How many people already know what I am talking about? Huh? You can’t tell me that in America, where the spawn of Sam Walton is squashing mom and pop shops, that you have not entered a Walmart in your life. So when you walk up … Continue readingPeople Of Walmart: The Entry Doors

The Dangers Of Groupthink

A Social Experiment: In the past couple of weeks, I have been wandering around the Twitter-verse looking for potential conversations that could be very interesting. I like to provoke these conversations because often, both myself and at least one person across from me in the … Continue readingThe Dangers Of Groupthink

Confusing Communications

Life as a neuro-divergent individual is interesting, yet sometimes mind-numbing. Rarely do you communicate with someone on the same level as yourself unless it is with another neuro-diverse individual somewhere in your neighborhood of the spectrum. You know that kid in math class who would … Continue readingConfusing Communications