AAM – Day 6 (Supports and Appreciation)

Being an autistic adult, it’s hard to find supports. My therapist talked to me about getting involved in local groups. I told her that it might be good for the purposes of my kid, but it’s not good for me. Support should be peers going … Continue readingAAM – Day 6 (Supports and Appreciation)

AAM – Day 5 (Special Interests)

So, my special interests… I have always enjoyed what I sometimes refer to as “forgotten modern history”. It seems like everywhere I go in the United States, it is rare to find someone that knows much about what happened between the Civil War and now. … Continue readingAAM – Day 5 (Special Interests)

AAM – Day 4 (Reactions To “Coming Out”)

Reactions can be hilarious, serious, or dead-pan… At first, my wife thought I had caused bias by poisoning the therapist’s pool of symptoms. But she didn’t want to say that to me, so she said that to my mother, who then said it to me. … Continue readingAAM – Day 4 (Reactions To “Coming Out”)

AAM – Day 3 (My Discovery Story)

I lived in the middle of nowhere. Literally, it was 3.5 hours to the edge of a metropolitan city. I felt like I had a breakdown at work, after which I was mumbling to myself and shaking just a little while out at the grocery … Continue readingAAM – Day 3 (My Discovery Story)

AAM – Day 2 (What I love about being autistic is…)

So I stumbled across this blog challenge a few days late. Yes, I am playing catch-up… What I love about being autistic is I now have an explanation for my uniqueness and quirkiness. I have always been the weird person in the room. I’ve been … Continue readingAAM – Day 2 (What I love about being autistic is…)

AAM – Day 1 (Intro)

Hi. I’m known around these haunts as The Thinker. I go by the name Michael Mordrid. It doesn’t mean that’s really my name. What it does mean is that my real life world doesn’t understand my thought process well enough to accept me unfiltered. So … Continue readingAAM – Day 1 (Intro)

The Silence Is Deafening

For a human being, the sound of silence is golden. It is a peaceful retreat that one does not get to experience often. Silence is a life goal. For me, silence is a harsh prison sentence. The sound of silence is deafening to me. We’re … Continue readingThe Silence Is Deafening

How’s that again?

There has been a glut of people in the autistic community talking online lately about people that say “you don’t look autistic”. I’m here to say that I agree people are wrong in saying this. I’m also here to say that it is our job … Continue readingHow’s that again?

In Which Robin Williams Is My Spirit Animal…

So the other day when I was chest deep in a manic episode I had never experienced before, I had been watching “Good Morning Vietnam.” I was never really allowed to see the movie as a kid. Now I understand why my parents chose to … Continue readingIn Which Robin Williams Is My Spirit Animal…

I think about starting over…

I think about starting over… So, I have been writing out in the open. I feel like I need to be open with what I have to say, because it is important for others to learn and understand what goes on in the mind of … Continue readingI think about starting over…