AAM – Day 10 (Sensory Life)

Before being identified as autistic, I had never thought about sensory overload. So this has been a journey to try and understand my involuntary reactions. I’ve got an issue where I have trouble having people behind me. I haven’t pegged why on that. I’ve never … Continue readingAAM – Day 10 (Sensory Life)

AAM – Day 9 (Favorite Autistic-owned Business)

I’ll be honest and say I’m not personally aware of any autistic-owned businesses. But there are two fathers out there that are trying to make the world better for their autistic children, and are helping out other autistic people as well. One is a car … Continue readingAAM – Day 9 (Favorite Autistic-owned Business)

AAM – Day 8 (Favorite Autistic Blog)

My favorite autistic blog… you mean besides myself? LOL Probably the one blog I return to every time is that of the Neurodivergent Rebel. She’s really the first person I came across in the #ActuallyAutistic Twitter community, so her material is centering. Plus, she’s often … Continue readingAAM – Day 8 (Favorite Autistic Blog)

AAM – Day 7 (The Autistic Community)

(Here I am playing catch-up again. But at least it was because I don’t get online much on the weekends.) Talking about the autistic community is an interesting conundrum. No matter the subject matter, the concept of community exists mainly for adults. It is not … Continue readingAAM – Day 7 (The Autistic Community)

AAM – Day 6 (Supports and Appreciation)

Being an autistic adult, it’s hard to find supports. My therapist talked to me about getting involved in local groups. I told her that it might be good for the purposes of my kid, but it’s not good for me. Support should be peers going … Continue readingAAM – Day 6 (Supports and Appreciation)

AAM – Day 5 (Special Interests)

So, my special interests… I have always enjoyed what I sometimes refer to as “forgotten modern history”. It seems like everywhere I go in the United States, it is rare to find someone that knows much about what happened between the Civil War and now. … Continue readingAAM – Day 5 (Special Interests)

AAM – Day 4 (Reactions To “Coming Out”)

Reactions can be hilarious, serious, or dead-pan… At first, my wife thought I had caused bias by poisoning the therapist’s pool of symptoms. But she didn’t want to say that to me, so she said that to my mother, who then said it to me. … Continue readingAAM – Day 4 (Reactions To “Coming Out”)

AAM – Day 3 (My Discovery Story)

I lived in the middle of nowhere. Literally, it was 3.5 hours to the edge of a metropolitan city. I felt like I had a breakdown at work, after which I was mumbling to myself and shaking just a little while out at the grocery … Continue readingAAM – Day 3 (My Discovery Story)

AAM – Day 2 (What I love about being autistic is…)

So I stumbled across this blog challenge a few days late. Yes, I am playing catch-up… What I love about being autistic is I now have an explanation for my uniqueness and quirkiness. I have always been the weird person in the room. I’ve been … Continue readingAAM – Day 2 (What I love about being autistic is…)

AAM – Day 1 (Intro)

Hi. I’m known around these haunts as The Thinker. I go by the name Michael Mordrid. It doesn’t mean that’s really my name. What it does mean is that my real life world doesn’t understand my thought process well enough to accept me unfiltered. So … Continue readingAAM – Day 1 (Intro)