AAM – Day 9 (Favorite Autistic-owned Business)

I’ll be honest and say I’m not personally aware of any autistic-owned businesses. But there are two fathers out there that are trying to make the world better for their autistic children, and are helping out other autistic people as well.

One is a car wash in Florida. The owner started the car wash to give his kid a structured place to work and be successful. Taking it a step further, the father only hires autistic people.

The other (and I’ve met this man previously, before I got my own diagnosis) is a man in Texas who took his technology acumen and began to teach his kid how to design video games. After instructing other autistic teenagers as well, he realized this was a good outlet. So he started his business as a place where autistic people can go and be looked after during the day, while also teaching them useful skills. Anyone that can get to the point of having games published can then start making money.

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