absence makes the heart grow fonder

So, does absence make the heart grow fonder?

In the case of The Boss, yes. I miss her anytime I am away more than normal. There’s a reason I married her! I like her. I like coming home to her. It’s not the same when I don’t.

My iPhone. My 4S was having more and more difficulties recently. It was having so many difficulties that I almost fell in love with my current work phone (an LG G2). Perish the thought! I finally found a way to get a 5S with no money down AND have a month and a half of cell phone bills paid up. What’s that about Droid?!? Oh yeah. Droid drools!

Readers of this blog. What readers? I like to hope people read this, but if so, I am obviously not in demand. Why? Because I’ve been absent from this blog since MID-JUNE!!! No love from anyone. Oh well, though. I still write anyway.

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