“Enthusiasm” #Trust30

Today’s Writing Prompt
Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string. – Ralph Waldo Emerson
“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” is a great line from Emerson. If there’s no enthusiasm in what you do, it won’t be remarkable and certainly won’t connect with people on an emotional basis. But, if you put that magic energy into all of your work, you can create something that touches people on a deeper level. How can you bring MORE enthusiasm into your work? What do you have to think or believe about your work to be totally excited about it? Answer it now.
My Response:
It’s not necesarilly about any one specific thing that allows you to being more enthusiasm to your work.  Every job has its pros and its cons.  What it’s about is the pros outweighing the cons.  There’s been times that I’ve been able to be enthusiastic about my job because I was getting enough on my paycheck.  It’s funny how money deadens the other senses.  However, in my last job, there were times that I just couldn’t bring myself to enjoy anything.  I hate to say it, but sometimes there is just nothing you can do.  So if you have customers than can see right through forced enthusiasm, then you’re screwed.

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