In Which We Attend A Wedding In The Middle Of Nowhere

The Boss and I attended a wedding today.  The girl getting married is an old friend of mine…let’s call her Ice-T (no, not like the rapper).  Ice-T got married to her on-again-off-again boyfriend.  At one point, he was welcome in her parents house.  I believe after they were engaged the first time and it was broken off was when he wasn’t wanted anymore.  Then Ice-T finally finished her teaching degree and took a job a ways away from home, and her father didn’t like it.  Now that they’ve gotten married, Ice-T’s father told her new husband that he better bring his daughter back home at some point.  This is because Ice-T’s husband is working in the railroad industry and is based in Nebraska.  That’s where they are going to live for now.
During the wedding, when her father gave her away, Ice-T had a separate veil that she removed and handed to her father.  He held a deathgrip on that veil the whole time.
The wedding was only 30 minutes away from here, but was quite in the middle of nowhere.  It’s one of those farming towns that only exists because of the handful of farmers still out there.  After the wedding, the fellowship hall was held closed for pictures to be taken.  Since I knew only four people, and they were all in the wedding party, The Boss and I decided to go ahead and leave and go to dinner.
I felt bad, but I didn’t.  Meh.

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