In Which I Continue To Strike Out

So I only had one scheduled interview in Portland.  It’s another one of these outfits that bills themselves as a marketing firm when really what it is is sales.  What I’ve really been wondering is how in the world do these companies have the resources to pay an independent company to do their sales and they don’t have the money to pay to hire people under their own employ to do the selling for them.  These are skills I really believe these companies need to learn how to teach their employees to do instead of copping out and getting outside people to do it for them.
Now, the one plus is that this particular “firm” is working with Qwest.  I understand exactly what Qwest is all about and could probably sell the hound out of their services.  I did get invited back for a second interview.  Good, I guess.
Upon trying to find some place with an Internet connection (besides my hotel) so I could continue my scouring for job openings that I might be even remotely qualified for, I stumbled across a hidden gem of Portland.  When landing yesterday, I did see a few vehicles driving along a road between the runway and the river.  I thought they were airport employees driving airport vehicles.  What I ended up finding out is that it is a street called Marine Drive that is right between the river bank and the property fence.  One person was stopped taking pictures at the point where the road was right in front of the end of the runway.  Other people were parked in some pull-outs further down the fence line.  It looks like they’re just sitting there, chilling out, trying to escape the day.  When I found a pull-out where I could turn around, I noticed there were all sorts of “No Parking” signs.  So no police ever came to enforce those “No Parking” signs?
I get to this McDonald’s I’m going to, finally, and there’s no outlets.  Can’t do any work.
Can’t make any contact with anyone else today.  Drat.  I did send a few more applications, though.

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