In Which Chicago Shows Some Love For The Blackhawks

Back to the summer of 2010 stories…
The rate I’m going, maybe I’ll actually use them all up.
But nothing really happened interesting today.
So I want to tell you about the fanaticism of the Chicago sports fan.
First, I knew before we went to Chicago about the Blackhawks being in the Stanley Cup.  We were in Las Vegas during the time the Cup was being contested.  I remember passing by the sports betting area after eating a fancy dinner at Tender in Luxor and all the monitors said “Congratulations To The Chicago Blackhawks For Winning The Stanley Cup!”
So we get to Chicago and go to the museum down by Soldier Field.  There’s a big, metal skeleton of a brontosaurus.  It has a gigantic Blackhawks jersey on it.
We walk in, there’s a sculpture of a woman holding a little kid in the top corner of the main area.  The kid is wearing a Blackhawks jersey.
Everywhere we looked, we saw Blackhawks’ jerseys in the oddest of places.
Nobody can say Chicago doesn’t love their sports teams.

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