In Which I Wonder What If

I had a student today comment that I should have been a history teacher.  Funny thing is, had I entirely entered teaching on my own terms, thatt’s probably what I would have done.
Let me clarify one thing… You can say at some level I entered teaching on my own terms right now.  I willingly accepted the opportunity.  Here, however, is the caveat: it was the better opportunity money-wise.  Two years later, I’m making about 10k more than my previous job.  Had I held out for the job The Boss was in the process of interviewing for, we would have been making less money.  So it was a no-brainer.  I had looked for other jobs within a 1 hour one-way commute, but this teaching job was the only thing that was available that I could obtain.  But it wasn’t how I would have entered the teaching profession.
My one love is a good story.  History is chalk-full of good stories.  I could see setting the stage and telling stories for all of my students about what went on.  They often don’t like history because there is boring stuff just reading out of a book.  However, wouldn’t it be different if history was an experience?  That’s the kind of stuff I like to do.
I also like to encourage people to learn the small stuff.  Like what state (colony) were most of the battles of the Revolutionary War fought in?  That is South Carolina.  I would have never known that had I not gone to start looking up information about the movie The Patriot.  While I know the movie is not a true story, a lot of things were based on reality.  Mel Gibson’s character was based on the man in real life known as The Swamp Fox.
I could go on…and on…but I won’t.
I understand.
I could very well end up being one of those lecturing teachers, too.

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