In Which Facebook Brings Out The Worst In People

Super Bowl Sunday!  And with this day brings out the ugly attitudes.
Before I get in to this, let me state the control for what I’m about to talk about.  In life, you normally appreciate it when someone is civil to you.  When you decide to express an opinion in public, you are expected to be treated in a civil nature.  You want to be treated the same way as the next person.  You don’t wish to be attacked.  So you don’t attack anyone else.
This apparently is not translating in the world of Facebook.  Here’s how I see it in the Facebook world.  When you post something, you are expressing your opinion.  You often times expect people to end up saying something.  But if they do that, you expect them to be civil.  When they start attacking you in Facebook comments, it’s like having a verbal attack being thrown your way.
Well, today, I experienced this.  A few people decided to be assholes when I expressed my opinion about the Steelers being the better team.  The Boss thought all I was doing was opening myself up to ridicule for expressing my opinion.
This isn’t the first time people have decided to do this to me.  It was done to me before the Texas Tech/Texas A&M football game this year.  And they say Aggie fans are the worse…Tech fans have constantly proved to me that they are worse.
After the Tech/A&M game, I held a great purge of my Facebook friends list.  There were some people on there that weren’t necessarily friends anyway.  I had just known then at a prior time in life.
I wish I could have done the same purge today.  But it involved people on my Facebook that are there for me to keep up appearances that I like this town and all of the people in it.
I guarantee that most people would not act this brutish in person.  Something about being separated by many miles makes a person grow a pair.

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