In Which I See Seagulls…Or Is It Lakegulls…Or Is It Just Gulls?

Another day, another day of nothing going on, another day of stories from last summer.
So we’re heading to Chicago for our anniversary.  Once we get to Chicago, we have to make a loop out over Lake Michigan so we can line-up properly for our landing.  I look out the plane window, and I see birds.  They really look like seagulls.
But we’re not at the sea…
Major dilemma!
Are they lake gulls?  Or just gulls?
It didn’t quite occur to me to look it up after I noticed this, but I just now did.  Most people who have taken pictures or videos of these birds on Lake Michigan have just called them seagulls.
However, upon looking up the scientific side of this, they are just called gulls.  But there are many species of gulls.
According to Wikipedia:
Genus Larus
  • Cape Gull, Larus dominicanus vetula
Genus Saundersilarus
Genus Hydrocoloeus
Genus Rhodostethia
Genus Rissa
Genus Pagophila
Genus Xema
Genus Creagrus

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