In Which We HAD To Stop…At Least According To The Boss’ Uncle

Slow days abound right now.  So I return with another story from the super-duper summer adventure of 2010.
This one comes from the seat of Texas Independence, San Antonio.
The Boss has gone to San Antonio at least once a year since being in high school.  Sometimes twice.  That’s due to her being a band director.  The state’s organization of music teachers (all kinds) meets in February, while the band directors have an additional separate convention in July.
The Boss decided to text a picture of some of the Mexican food we were having one evening to her uncle in Utah.  He grew up in Texas and LOVES his spicy, hot food.  His claim is that there is no good cuisine available in Utah.
He told us that before we left San Antonio, we had to stop at one particular place.  It’s called Lulu’s.  They were featured on an episode of Man Versus Food one time.  It’s all about their gigantic, massive, humongous cinnamon rolls.  Neither The Boss or I knew how big they really were.  But we were going to take his suggestion and go get some before we left town.
So we find this place.  It’s almost a hole in the wall type of diner literally right off the interstate in downtown.  When we pulled up, the place looked quiet.  TOO quiet.
We go pull over to the side of the building, get out of the car, and head to the front door.  A sign on the door tells us that Lulu’s is SHUT!!!
What?  We made a point to stop here, using valuable time that we could have had on the road, and the place is closed?
Well, the full story is that despite being a 24/7 operation, they close four times a year for about two days each time to do a deep cleaning of everything.  This happened to be one of those times.
So The Boss and I go back to the car and try to decide what we need to do.  While we were sitting there trying to figure it out, another car pulls up and out steps an important looking man.  The Boss decides to get out and talk to him.  She tells him we’ve come all this way for a cinnamon roll, but now it looks like we can’t.  Well, important looking man explains once again what the paper on the front door said.  However, at that point he told The Boss to hold on and he’d see what he could do.  So this guy disappears in the side door.  A couple of minutes later he reappears with two of these MASSIVE cinnamon rolls.
I’m not over-exaggerating when I say massive.  We’re talking about three pounds of cinnamon roll, each one as big as my head…or maybe even slightly bigger.  And seriously guys, my head isn’t small.  The Boss asked how much we owed him.  He said it is on the house.
We tried to eat the cinnamon roll, but it got stale too quick.  We couldn’t eat it in one sitting.
The other got shipped off to Utah, where The Boss’ uncle said it was demolished pretty quickly.  His advice to beat the staleness?
“You’re got to eat it all at once!”

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