In Which I Learn Something New

Howard Stern hits my blog once again.  But this time, it’s because I was really intruiged by the major interview on his show today.
Jerry!  Jerry!  Jerry!  Jerry!
Yes, the man himself, Jerry Springer.
Now, we all know Springer as the innovative host of trash TV.  It seemed a weird move to most people when he hosted America’s Got Talent for a few seasons.  It mellowed his profile.  He also even participated on Dacing With The Stars one season.
But this Howard Stern interview with Springer was eye opening.  Jerry’s family came from a Jewish line in Europe.  They escaped from Germany three days before the Germans basically locked everything down.  Jerry and his sister were both born in London before their family moved on to New York.  Jerry himself was born in one of the underground subway stations while his parents were taking shelter from a German bombing raid on London.
Jerry was then a politician for a number of years, first in the Ohio state legislature, then as mayor of Cincinatti.
Howard suggested today that Jerry be the new main host on Howard 101.  I’m all for that.

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