In Which We Find The Home Of The Champeens…I Mean Champions

It feels like it has been a long time since I’ve had a day off.  In all due reality, it’s five days ago, which is normally the spread from one weekend to the next.  I guess you can thank a comp day this past week for getting that done.  There’s nothing going on here today.  So I’m going to bring in a story from what ended up being a massive summer vacation in 2010.
After Las Vegas and Chicago, The Boss and I decided we needed to go visit relatives throughout the state.  Yeah, they had been up for the wedding (most of them at least).  But for those of you who have gone through a big wedding you realize there was no visiting time.  It’s a blur.
My maternal grandfather and his wife live in one of the burgeoning suburbs north of Austin, the state capital.  The Boss and I were driving up from the south side.  After stopping to catch a movie, we then got on one of Governor Perry’s brand-spankin’-new toll roads.  Once we finally got to the town, we exit off the toll road on to main street.  Greeting us was what is a familiar site at many towns around this state.  It’s a sign that touts the exploits of the high school students.  Displayed prominently and proudly?  ”State Spelling Champions”
This town wasn’t just saying “we have a good football team”.  They weren’t just promoting the fact their basketball team had made the playoffs.  They were making a big deal out of the fact their high school students were the best spellers in the state!
Given the fact that where I am, a poster made for Red Ribbon Week said “Red Ribin Week”, I think more students should work towards being spelling champions as much as they do football and basketball champions.  Otherwise, what use is a nation that grows up not being able to spell?  Will the world map all the sudden be changed in 20 years with a spelling of “Uneyeted Steights”?  Please allow me to live in an intelligent nation.

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