In Which The Boss Has Her Space Violated

Well, first of all, I did not violate her space.  This has nothing to do with something I did.
I went to my latest appointment with the rheumatologist yesterday.  First of all, I got something, but not much.  I tried to have a discussion with this guy about fibromyalga.  My family has a history of chronic pain issues.  This was the one thing that made sense.  So, I get this little mini-lecture on the history of fibromyalga.  Then the doctor proceeds to tell me that if I were a 50-year-old woman he would diagnose me in a heartbeat and not even have a second thought.  However, because I’m a near 30-year-old man, he wasn’t going to do that.  All he was willing to do was diagnose me with chronic pain.  Then he leaves me with the medicine for the pain that I sat there and told him was not working.  He was willing to give me the muscle relaxer that does work though.  We’ll see what happens.
Now, to make this appointment, I had to get someone to cover my last class of the day.  I couldn’t find anyone.  Finally, The Boss lets me know that because of the testing schedule over at the high school, she’s without any afternoon classes.  So she offered to cover the class for me.  So sweet of her.
After school let out, she had already told me she was going to head in to town to get a new pair of shoes.  The pair she has currently were nearly broken down to the point of being uncomfortable.  That’s fine, of course.  She goes through a pair every six months.
So I finally get out of the doctor’s office approaching near two hours after I showed up.  I call The Boss.  I wasn’t feeling much like going to jiu-jitsu that night, so I was going to see if she wanted to have dinner since she was in town, too.  Not a problem.  We decide to go to one of our favorite Mexican food restaurants.  I beat her there by about 15-20 minutes, so I get my favorite loaded dip while I wait on her.  Once she shows up, I had already ordered her food, and it came out within five minutes of her being there.  Everything’s good.  A better evening overall by the fact I got to spend time with The Boss and eat some good food.
When we finish and leave the restaurant, we each walk in separate directions since we were in separate vehicles.  I anticipated getting in, doing the 40 minute drive home, and resting.  However, within 20 seconds of starting my car, the phone rang.  The caller?  The Boss.  I remember thinking “this isn’t like her to call that quick”.  SO I answer.
“Come over here.  The car’s been broken in to.”
So I drive right over there (all 30 feet) and the back driver side window was shattered with one of The Boss’ boots standing right outside the car.
The Boss 0, Thief 1
So, what was missing?  First, her coat was gone.  Nice coat that had a pretty penny paid for it.  The kicker is that all of her keys for different things at school were in the pocket.  It was a very expensive set.
The Boss 0, Thief 2
Thank goodness the superintendent was understanding about the issue.
The Boss 0.5, Thief 2
The other thing missing?  The bag from the shoe store with two shoe boxes.
The Boss 0.5, Thief 4
But there’s where the good news for the thief stops.  The Boss had already taken the more comfortable pair of shoes she bought that day out of the box and put them on her feet.  That left one empty box.
The Boss 1.5, Thief 3
The shoes The Boss was wearing?  One of them was sitting outside of the car like I said earlier.
The Boss 2, Thief 3
The other was still in the car.
The Boss 2.5, Thief 3
So, the thief still won that matchup.  But there were a few “moral victories” if you want to go that route.
We end up standing outside for quite some time.  I called the police.  Then I called the insurance company.  Then we stand outside and freeze quite a bit waiting on everything to get taken care of.  Finally we got the chance the chance to go home.  I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to go to jiu-jitsu even had I wanted to.

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