In Which I Wonder The Value Of A Driver’s License

The Boss normally would have been with her kids that made the All-Region band today, but she got sick last night.  Today, she’s still sick.  So I spent a day keeping her company.  At one point, she asked me to go to the store for her.  In our town there are two Lowe’s, but quality can sometimes be questionable (not to mention higher prices).  So I headed where I normally do…to Wal-Mart.
If you’re wondering looking at the title and the first paragraph…yes, this is about to be a rant.  However, it is a problem in our country today that I think needs sharing.
At Wal-Mart today, I was in the parking lot on one of those aisles that is designed to only be one way.  It’s even more narrow than the aisles designed to be two-ways.  You know by the arrows on either end of the aisle and by how the parking spots are facing.  It’s a similar concept to what is learned in driver’s ed about road signs.  The signs that you see on either side of the bridge tell you which direction to stay heading.  Those signs have diagonal lines that are just like parking spaces in a parking lot.  Today I had someone, while I was sitting at the end of the aisle, turn down the aisle going the other way.  Today did pass without incident.  But it always reminds me of an incident in the last town where I lived.
The Wal-Mart I went to on that particular day was about a mile away from work.  I was heading there to pick up something for lunch.  Once I got into the Wal-Mart parking lot, I proceeded down one of those one-way aisles.  There were no parking spots, so I went all the way at the end and was going to turn left to go to the next aisle over.  So I’m waiting for vehicles to clear, and here comes this older man trying to turn his older and junkier car down the aisle where I was waiting to exit…a one-way aisle.  When he gets to where his side rear-view mirror was about the middle of my back door, that rear-view mirror comes in contact with my car.  Did the man stop?  No.  I wish I knew why.  But he kept going, dragging his rear-view mirror on the side of my car all the way to the trunk and kept going.
I was upset.  I went in to the Wal-Mart and demanded to speak with a manager because I blaimed his parking lot for all the paint being so worn out.  He told me he could do nothing for me.  About the only thing he had a suggestion for me to do was to call the cops and file a report.  Whenever I went back out to my car, my paint wasn’t actually scratched, so I decided it would have been more of a headache to call the cops, and it would be money out of my pocket if anything needed to be done to the car because it wouldn’t have been over my insurance deductable.  Sucks.

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