In Which I Am Reminded I Cannot Go Anywhere…Yet

Ok, I gave a spelling test today to my classes.  If you’ve read this for any length of time, you know I’m not an English teacher.  So why am I giving spelling tests?  No one else seems to be doing anything that helps…if they’re doing anything at all.  Bad spelling is a horrible habit that has to be gotten rid of.  Business leaders will pass up on these people when they start to.
So, I have one student who made a big stink about spelling every word right, but only getting half credit because every word was capitalized.  He mis-heard my directions and didn’t ask for clarification.  This student is one that has a habit of making high drama out of things.  Which, whenever I was told his mother was going to be coming up to the school to talk to me, I was worried momma was going to be the same way.  So I did what any person should do and made a little CYA move and emailed the assistant principal, with a CC to the head principal, so they knew the situation in case they ran in to this parent first (which they usually should).
Well, the momma ended up being level-headed, which gave me no grief.  So I saw the principal while heading down to the cafeteria and told her everything was settled.  “Good,” she said.
Once I get down to the cafeteria, I see the assistant principal.  She starts questioning me about why I am doing spelling tests and asking me if it was in my class requirements.  I told her no, but 1) the principal had cleared the idea the previous school year while she was the instructional specialist; and, 2) proper spelling is a soft skill to which I’ve had several business leaders in the area tell me is an important issue.  Her response…”can’t they use spell checker?”  That’s just how my students think.  I hope this goes away, but I’m afraid it won’t.
This entire situation just reminds me of one thing.  In the private sector, I was allowed to do my job how I saw fit (within standards) as long as I got the outcome accomplished that was requested of me.  The other is that if, at any point, I was having trouble with the job and it was something that really couldn’t be worked out…then I was free to leave for a new situation at any time.
Here, however, I have the handcuffs put on me and I’m not allowed to go anywhere until the end of the school year.  It would be professional idiocy, whether I stayed in teaching or not.

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