In Which I Am Disappointed

Texas A&M once agains disapoints me.  They go to the Cotton Bowl yet again and they lose?
Admitedly I’m still bitter about the Ags firing coach RC Slocum 9 years ago.  He was the best overall coach there Aggies ever had.  He had the most wins to his record.  He had one mediocre season and one horrible season and then was fired.  Florida State never did that to Bobby Bowden.  Penn State has never done that to Joe Paterno.  What did RC Slocum do?  As is now history, the Aggies went through some slump.  Who’s to say that Slocum wouldn’t have brought them out of their slump this year the same as Mike Sherman?
The Aggies have had a horrible record in the past 10 years in bowls.  They’re 1-6 since 2000, with their only win coming in the Bowl.  This happened to be a win over TCU, which was no big deal during the early 2000’s.  Anyone with a pulse could beat TCU during that time frame.  Heck, I probably could have beaten TCU on my own that year.
Texas A&M face the LSU Tigers this year.  After looking back, I can see A&M probably had no chance to win in the first place.  In the annual Cotton Bowl Classic, Texas A&M has appeared the 2nd most times at 13.  Their record, however, is a measly 4-9 in the game.  Then let’s top it off with their record against LSU.  They beat LSU in their first meeting in December of 1899 by a score of 52-0.  However, in a now 50 total games, A&M’s record against LSU is 20-27-3.  That’s a better winning record than their Cotton Bowl record, but it is still horrible.
Yes, I am disappointed at the Aggies performance in the Cotton Bowl.  But I can be happy about their comeback performance this year.  They lost their first three conference games, bringing their overall record to .500 for the year at that point.  They went undefeated through the remainder of the season though, including wins against Texas Tech, Nebraska, Texas (who finished last in the Big 12 South), and eventual Big 12 BCS representative Oklahoma.
All I can hope for at this point is that Mike Sherman improves on this years successes during next year’s football season.

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