Watching Survivor tonight made me incensed.  Naonka has such a selfish sense of entitlement that it makes me sick.  What sucks is that she’s not an isolated incident.  This is something that I’m seeing quite often.  Since when does the world owe you something?  The two older ladies had it right.  The world is not a free ride unless you have uber-rich parents that will finance your hijinks.  You have to earn your station in life.  Then you have to pay it forward.
I tell you, everyone was pissed off at Naonka when she said she wanted to quit, and then turned around and still went on reward.  If for some odd reason she recanted on her decision to quit by the time everyone got to tribal council, I feel confident in saying that everyone who have booted her.  The jury isn’t going to like her…or Purple Kelly for that matter…with them being added to the jury.  Marty said “I still want to play.”  Not only was Naonka selfish in not paying forward her good fortune before quitting, she and Purple Kelly stole Brenda and Marty’s spots in the game.
Geez, that just pisses me off.  Rant over now.

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