Our last morning in Las Vegas, The Boss and I both had troubles sleeping.  Frankly, we’re talking about a two hour time difference from home, and our bodies would eventually revert back to when they are used to waking up.  So since we were up early according to local time, we decided to go get some breakfast before we packed.  By now, I’m not even sure if the buffet was open or not, but even if it was, we weren’t going to go to it. The buffet didn’t vary their offerings every day.  We needed something different.  Both of us were getting tired of the same taste every day.  It was like the cuisine version of a school during the summer that’s painted institutional white.
So, we decide to head down to the Pyramid Cafe.  It’s one of those places that is open 24 hours.  The Boss and I figured it would be something different and maybe a little bit nice.
The café apparently changes menus at different times of the day.  We showed up at the time where we not only were handed the late night menu, but also the early morning menu.  Not bad.  The Boss wanted her usual breakfast foods.  She absolutely loves eating breakfast any meal of the day.  Me on the other hand, I ordered from the late night menu.  I believe I had an Angus burger.  That’s right.  A nice Angus hamburger for breakfast.
I know what you’re thinking right now.  IHOP.  The International House of Pancakes.
But no one was wearing badges that said IHOP.  But it was still eerily like IHOP…with a casino 5 feet away.  The Luxor allowed all those Starbucks stores in their building.  Why not bring in IHOP?  Surely they could make as much money, except they would spend less in upkeep…which should make them more money.
Wait a minute…I know how it wasn’t like IHOP.
The customers never had to say “Rooty-Tutti-Fresh-and-Fruity” when they were ordering their meal!!  I also didn’t see any burly biker types sneaking in with Charlie Chaplain disguises on.
There was one thing The Boss and I both witnessed that would probably be easy to see in many IHOP’s.  Several tables away from us sat this guy and two girls.  They all looked like they had spent the night on the town.  Hey, it’s Vegas.  Who could blame them?  However, I think the guy was still drunk.  All three of them get ready to leave.  They pay the bill.  They pack the leftovers in a to-go container.  The guy goes to get up…and he knocks the entire thing on the ground!  Both of the girls immediately attempt to clean up the mess.  The guy stands there for a minute, takes his shirt off (I guess he was getting warm?), stands there for a couple more minutes looking impatient, and then he leaves.
The waitresses swarm the spill fairly quickly.  The first waitress is able to convince the girls to let the waitresses clean up the mess so they can go and catch up with their drunk companion.  In an amazing feat of efficiency, three waitresses have this spill cleaned up like nothing was there.  These casino employees sure do earn their money.
The only part of that The Boss and I witnessed that you would never see in an IHOP?  The quick cleanup!

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