So, I left work today and two things on the radio caught my attention.
I listen to Bubba The Love Sponge on Sirius in the afternoons.  They get to a section of the show where they talk about the news.  The first thing that caught my attention was a report that quoted Carrie Fisher about her habits during the time Empire Strikes Back was being filmed.
Does everyone remember the ice planet named Hoth?  There were all those Imperial Walkers causing havoc.  There were also a lot of ice caves for the distraught and in danger rebel warriors to hide in.
Well, Princess Leia went and hid in those ice caves while the film wasn’t rolling.  In her alter ego of Carrie Fischer, she admited to doing lines of cocaine.  Absolutely surprising to me.  That’s not something I expected to hear about Fischer.  It also apparently shook up Bubba, too.  He couldn’t see that coming from her.
The other thing is that there is a family suing Sea World.  I didn’t catch the entire story because I had to run inside a CVS Pharmacy.  However, what I did catch is that this family watched some kind of show at a Sea World.  They say their young son witnessed something at one of these shows that tramatized him.  Now their suing for the emotional anguish of the kid witnessing this show.  I’m thinking WTF when I hear this.  Apparently so is Bubba and everyone else he has on the air each day.
Civil lawsuits have already gone too far in this country in my humble opinion anyways.  This is a scam to get rich.
Take a lesson from a family that was leaving the Criss Angel show in Las Vegas just ahead of me and The Boss.
The show was billed as a family-friendly show.  The next to the last scene in the show is when Angel did the “cut the woman in half” trick.  However, he used this humongous circular saw blade to do so.  The mother in this family was griping at the father because their kid got freaked out of seeing the woman “killed” right before his own eyes.  The father was just doing his best to calm the kid down and remind him that the lady was in the final scene of the show, too.  Are they going to sue Criss Angel and The Luxor?  No!

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