My homeless sign would say “Rescue Me From The Chaos!”  ”Save me from from the madness.”
I walked in to the gym this morning to watch students before school.  There was no one on the opposite side of the gym watching the 7th graders yet, so I went over there.  The first thing I saw?  There was one girl putting hair extensions on another girl.  Why is a 12-year-old wearing hair extensions?
Hair extensions have been used in show business.  Otherwise, I don’t understand.  Yet another sign that kids are growing up faster these days.
I then get to one of my classes today, and they have trouble answering a simple question.  After several minutes, I decide we are going to drop what we’re doing and work on their public speaking for now.  I even tell them they get a chance to speak about their favorite things.  I wanted to see if they could go 60 seconds.  Most couldn’t.  So, after polling the class, I picked a food and asked them to write a paper.  They have to write one page about enchiladas.  Nothing else.  It’s an assignment for them to be able to work on their powers of description.
Bloody hell, this is an annoying day.

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