So…back in the time machine, back to Vegas (the one in Nevada, not the on in New Mexico)…
During the middle of the week The Boss and I spent there, we decided to go out to the Hoover Dam.  I already told you about The Boss loosing her iPhone on this trip.
Earlier on back in the spring, The Boss had gotten a pair of shoes called Vibram Five Fingers.  I had talked on and off about getting a pair for me.  So, the night before we were going to go to the Hoover Dam, I was looking at these online again.
Me: “Hmmm, I wonder if there are any stores around here that sale Five Fingers.”
The Boss: “I don’t know.  Why don’t you check.”
Yeah, I needed to check.  So I did, and there was one store on South Las Vegas Boulevard that we could go to on the way out of town to the Dam.  Cool.  Simple thing.  We decided to go there.  The one thing missing?  No one said “you might want to call them and check when their hours of operation are.”  Oops.
We get the car the next morning.  First off, this wasn’t like any car I’m used to.  I’m from Texas.  When a car starts, you hear the engine turn over accompanied by some general loud sounds.  It’s a good thing to hear and feel the power of an engine.
The rental agent hands me the keys and tells us where in the garage to go to find the car.  On the way out, I look at the keys.
“Hey, this is one of those keyless start cars,” I tell The Boss.  There was not actually a key attached to this key ring.  There was just a keyless entry unit.  We go find the car and get in.  I locate the start button.  I hit the button, it says on, but I hear nothing.  How many times do I try it before I realize what’s going on?  At least 20.  And what was going on?  I finally figured out we were less than one hour away from fucking HIPPIE COUNTRY!!!
That’s right.  All those tree-hugging, pot-smoking, hybrid car-loving hippies that live in California.  We had a hybrid car.  It was in GOLF CART mode when I was trying to start it.  No wonder I got no engine noise.
So with our part sedan/part golf cart ready to go, we left the parking garage at the Wynn.  I proceeded to make a turn on Las Vegas Boulevard based on how I saw our taxi enter the property.  Well, wouldn’t you know it…I turned the wrong way.  Once that was realized, The Boss quickly fired up the GPS on her iPhone (which she still had at this moment).  The good news?  We got the nickel and dime tour of the northern part of Las Vegas Boulevard that we had not walked the other day.  Once we started going the correct direction, we get to the shopping “mall” where the store with the Five Fingers was located.
At this point, I’m thinking that they just do things backwards in the desert.  It’s not like the back woods hick that does things backwards.  I’m talking even more backwards than that.  This “mall” was all outside.  It was three blocks deep and four blocks wide of shops and stuff that, despite there being roads, it was a better idea to make sure and park somewhere and walk.  We find the place with the Five Fingers.
It’s not open yet.
To pass the time, we notice this vending machine that, for $2, allows you to stand inside a booth and feel the power of the winds in a level 1 hurricane.  The Boss jumped right in, but not before handing me her iPhone and telling me she would like it to be recorded (which is the same iPhone that was lost 5 hours later).  So The Boss jumps right in and enjoys her time in the wind.  The store still isn’t open.  What do we do?
There was a Borders Bookstore open.  Cool with me.  I purchased a couple of books by John Maxwell while we were there.  We basically just killed some time.  Then we got my Five Fingers and headed off and visited the Hoover Dam.

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