The Boss has an utter fear of hair.  She has a big problem with hair.  What hair?  Every hair.  Unless it is attached to either of our bodies, she hates it.  She even wore sandals in the community-share showers in college.  It is all due to the hairs.
We went to the Dominican Republic for our honeymoon.  The Boss didn’t know where we were going until after we were already gone.  However, she brought a full bottle of rubbing alcohol.  Once we got there, once she decided to use the jacuzzi tub in the room, she spent 20 minutes with that bottle of rubbing alcohol cleaning the thing.  During the process, I heard about at least two hairs.
At home, I have to make sure and wash out the tub anytime I use it.  Otherwise I hear about any stray hairs I may have accidentally left.
Here’s where it went pretty far though.  We went to Las Vegas.  The room we were in also had a jacuzzi tub.  I was sitting back on the opposite side of the room on the other side of the half wall.  The Boss decided to take a bath while I was working.  I hear the water starting to draw.  After a few minutes, I hear a big thud and a crash.  What the hell?
The Boss had seen a hair in the jacuzzi tub.  That took her concentration away for a moment.  She slipped trying to get in that tub and went crashing in.  She was ok, mainly stunned.  But I had to retrieve that hair for her.

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